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[Specs] [A SDS | B SDS]  [Brochure]Used in combination together, these solutions react to the tannic acid in bare wood to produce lighter wood tones, and obtain conformity of color. Key Benefits Interior/Exterior Safe on all species of wood May be used on veneers Please note: Bleach is a non-returnable itemAll pallet orders get free shipping
A & B Bleach
[Specs] [SDS]Removes embedded stains from wood, including weather and water marks. May discolor wood, and use of Daly's "A" & "B" Bleaching Solutions might be needed as follow up treatment. Key Benefits Interior/Exterior Use after paint and varnish remover Removes embedded stains
Booster Stain Remover
[Specs] [SDS]Oxalic Acid can be used to remove many types of stains and marks from bare wood. Ideal for water marks and mill stampings from lumber. Not intended as a "full" method bleach. Oxalic Acid Neutralizer is designed to neutralize the residual acid left after treatment. Key Benefits Interior/Exterior Makes weathered wood look new Ideal for dark water marks
Oxalic Acid
[Specs] [SDS]Oxalic Acid Neutralizer is a non-toxic compound used to neutralize oxalic acid wood bleach. Residual acid can cause film-formation and adhesion problems when water-based stains, sealers and topcoats are applied over incompletely neutralized areas. Key Benefits Interior/Exterior Neutralizes oxalic bleached woods Non-toxic compounds
Oxalic Acid Neutralizer
[Specs] [SDS]Formulated for use on all painted, stained, unfinished or weathered wood surfaces. Use to remove mildew, mold, dirt, algae, and in some cases, deteriorated stains. Also great for routine cleaning. Key Benefits Exterior Use on decks, siding, fences and railings Great on aluminum, vinyl, and plastic Concentrated for routine and deep cleaning purposes
Deck & House Cleaner
[Specs] [SDS]Made from high grade non-toxic ingredients, Kitchen Wood Treatment is designed to reinvigorate "thirsty" wood surfaces like cutting boards and utensils. Will never turn rancid, easy to apply. Key Benefits Interior Non-toxic, safe around food areas Easy to apply and maintain
Kitchen Wood Treatment
[Specs] [SDS]Wipe-on treatment for all wood finishes. Used to clean and maintain paneling, furniture, and cabinets. Ideal for hardwood floors, restores luster to worn areas while producing a non-slip finish. Has a refreshing citrus scent. Key Benefits Interior Use over oil, varnish, lacquer and enamel Ideal for hardwood floors Wipe-on treatment
[Specs] [SDS]Dalys Log Oil is a durable exterior waterproofing treatment. The alkyd fortified oil formula penetrates deeply for maximum protection. Log Oil contains transparent oxides which provide protection from ultraviolet and appearance uniformity without detracting from the natural beauty of the wood. Log oil contains a fungicide for increased mildew resistance.
Log Oil
[Specs] [SDS]Dalys House Wash Concentrate is formulated for use on all painted, stained, unfinished and weathered wood surfaces. When mixed according to instructions Dalys House Wash Concentrate will remove mildew, mold, algae, and dirt. Dalys Deck and House Cleaner is recommended for use when it is desired to both clean the surface and remove chalky deteriorated stain.
House Wash
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